Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The thought that counts.

I'm sitting on the floor with my back against the couch. My head feels heavy. I let it fall back until its resting on the cushion and stare at the ceiling. Blank. In the corner of the room the popcorn ceiling is testing my ability to see something out of nothing.

I'm reminded daily that love surrounds me. I see it at home when I kiss my children goodnight. I see it at work when Husbands are leaving or returning from business. I see it at the park as fresh lovers hold hands and walk slowly. I love to love.

My close friends know I'm a fixer. A handy dandy at mending hearts and lending a shoulder. I can feel the hurt most people try to repress and grave. I can see it in your face and feel it on your lips. Although I may not always be able to understand the source of the pain, I feel a tremendous urge to help. I like to be the sounding board that helps you move through life and in turn help move me through mine.

I've no interest in earning the most money or hanging a Masters Diploma of whatever whatever on my wall. All of my grade school report cards had the same comments time and time again...'Tracy needs to focus on her school work instead of talking to her desk-mates'...'Tracy, does well in social settings and is never shy when working in groups'. Im a professional people person. An alumni at the state of human condition.

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  1. I LOVE-LOVE how you write T! It enchants me...I can so relate to many of your words and want to quote you in my journal.. I will be reading every single thing! xox