Thursday, 14 April 2011


The past 4 days I've been alone with the kids as Chads been away on business in Toronto. My days were happily filled with busing kids here and there, trips to the grocery store for fresh produce, play dates with friends after school, baths, stories and bed. Theres something to be said about pillow talk with a warm, exhausted 4 year old. That to me, quite possibly is the secret to life.

I like being alone with them. My children are calmer, as am I. I've noticed I am more of a 'yes' person when he's gone. I don't have to hear about drama going on at home via text message at work. I'm not asked questions I've already given the answer to 8 times. When they are with me, there simply IS no drama. We get along. Chloe is helpful around the house. Ryan finds ways to keep himself busy when daily duties beckon. They play together nicely and there are less fights I have to break up.

I wonder why taking him out of the equation makes us 'run' so much smoother?

I feel like his priorities are out of whack. Work is number one for him, always has been always will be. We recently went to New Orleans, LA and I am not kidding...EVERY picture with him in it he had his blackberry in hand. If I could fucking throw that goddamn blackberry out the window of a speeding train, I would. He checks it during dinner. He checks it during a trip to Costco. He checks it at school functions, family functions and play dates at the park. He's always on his Blackberry. How he lasts on flights to anywhere is a complete mystery.

Its embarassing for me to have to get his attention in public by yelling his name. It hurts my son's feeling when he's supposed to be playing airplanes with him and he's still has that stupid thing in his hands. Look, I know work is important as he is the bread winner after all...but I am seriously losing my patience. Matter of fact I lost it a long time ago. Last night was the straw that broke the camels back.

5:30am I roll over to find him checking his fucking email on his Blackberry.

SEX??? WHAT's SEX??? Get the fuck out of my bed if thats not where you want to be.

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